IV Therapy Packages

IV Nutritional Therapies to meet your athletic demands.

Coaches and Trainers

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IV Nutritional Therapies for Athletes

Sports Glutathione

$80 | 5 minutes
  • Glutathione significantly enhances athletic performance through its many metabolic effects.
  • Glutathione decreases recovery time from physical stress, produces greater muscle strength and endurance and reduces muscle pain and fatigue.
  • Glutathione’s powerful detoxifying and immune system boosting properties accelerates recovery, repair and growth leading to optimal functioning of the athletes body more quickly.
  • Good before and/or after physical activity.

Sports Myers’

$95 | 15 minutes
  • Myers’ is a cocktail that replaces lost nutrients and restores electrolyte balance.
  • Myers’ cocktail contains magnesium, calcium, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin B complex, vitamin C — all of which are vitally important to an athlete’s performance.
  • Replaces water-soluble B-vitamins which are lost through strenuous exercise.
  • B-vitamins and vitamin C are vitally important in the Krebs’ cycle to make ATP (energy) enhancing athletic stamina and performance.
  • Calcium, magnesium and other minerals will minimize muscle cramping and fatigue.
  • Sodium, potassium, chloride and bicarbonate restore electrolyte balance often disrupted from prolonged sweating.
  • Myers’ is great for those who are beginning a training or exercise program.
  • Myers’ is ideal for athletes that are over trained, fatigued, run down, in the first stage of an illness, or under any stress.

Sports Performance

$150 | 20 minutes
  • Myers + Glutathione
  • All the combination benefits from both the Sports Glutathione and the Sports Myers’ therapies at a steal of a deal!
  • Best option for athletes requiring higher physical demands.
  • Gives athletes enhanced ability prevent nutrient or electrolyte deficiencies and optimize muscle mitochondrial function.
  • Great before intense physical activity, including the big game, race or competition of any type.

Sports Recovery

$175 | 25 minutes
  • Myers + Glutathione + Traumeel
  • Provides all of the benefits of the Sports Performance therapy.
  • Plus Traumeel provides the added benefit of preventing and treating inflammation from intense physical activity and speeds the repair of damaged tissue.
  • Best after intense activity, exercise, game or competition.
  • Significantly decreases recovery time.

Sports Recovery Max

$250 | 90-110 minutes
  • Myers + Glutathione + Traumeel + Amino Acids
  • Provides all of the benefits of the Sports Recovery therapy.
  • Plus direct infusion of Amino Acids provides maximal muscle recovery by speeding repair of damaged muscles and tissues from intense physical activity and/or injury.
  • Best after intense activity, exercise, game or competition.
  • Tremendously decreases recovery time and offers the ultimate in athletic performance enhancement.

Sports Ozone

$95 | 10-20 minutes
  • Ozone benefits athletic performance by enhancing tissue oxygenation.
  • Ozone increases production of ATP (more energy, faster recovery).
  • Ozone reduces lactic acid build up (improved recovery time & prevents sore muscles).
  • One study demonstrated that female gymnasts receiving ozone lowered their lactic acid levels approximately 66% compared to the control group that didn’t receive ozone. This was true after both a single treatment and over 2 months. Additionally, their athletic performance scores increased by approximately 30% compared to the control group.

Vitamin D3

$25 | 1 minute
  • IM (Intramuscular) injection.
  • If deficient in this neuroendocrine vitamin, as most individuals are, then vitamin D3 intramuscular supplementation will improve speed, strength, balance, and timing.
  • Optimal levels of vitamin D3 for peak athletic performance according to recent studies is 50ng/ml.

Vitamin B12

$25 | 1 minute
  • IM (Intramuscular) injection.
  • Quick and easy energy boost.


$45 | 5-30 minutes
  • As add-on to any other therapy
  • Great option when dehydration is a concern.

Oral Supplements

Ask for Dr. Yoshi Rahm’s oral supplementation recommendations for various types of athletes. Save 10% and no shipping by purchasing in office (if available).
Different athletes require different nutrient ratios for optimal athletic performance enhancement. Dr. Yoshi Rahm highly recommends the Growth Hormone Support.
Order Oral Supplements
Oral NAC is highly recommended to enhance the benefits of IV Glutathione. Research shows us that taking NAC prolongs the effects of Glutathione.
Order NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine)